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October, 2014 Issue

Special Spheroidal Graphitic (SG)Cast Iron roll was developed to meet the stringent mill requirement especially the service condition of Roughing Stand (RS).The pre requisite of the roll material calls .. ..

September, 2014 Issue

India’s target of producing 300 million tonnes of steel per annum by 2025 as per the Natio0nal Steel Policy is achievable and realistic but the path is beset with many difficulties and challenges, according to.. ..

August, 2014 Issue

As the two day international conference Indian Steel Industry- Vision 2025 organised by Steel and Metallurgy kicks off on 21 August at the Gateway Hotel, Visakhapatnam, a group of mega minds from the.. ..

July, 2014 Issue

Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) has witnessed energy cost increase from 81 to 271 per GJ in the last decade. This led to progressive increase in the cost component of energy, from 21 to 28% of the crude steel.. ..

June, 2014 Issue

The refractory lining life of converter is a very important factor of BOF shop productivity. Slag splashing technology is used to protect refractory lining thereby increases the lining thereby increases the.. ..

May, 2014 Issue

Siemens and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) have decided to collaborate and form a complete provider for plants, products and services for the iron, steel and aluminum industry, operating globally.. ..

April, 2014 Issue

Among the domestic steel producers who are enhancing their steel production, JSW Steel is considered to be taking the most aggressive steps to growth. The third largest steel producer in india with a.. ..

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