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March, 2015 Issue

India has surpassed US to become the third largest steel producer in the world, a giant leap in Indian steel industry’s march ahead. It is time government, policy makers .. ..

February, 2015 Issue

This paper gives an overview of modern mills and technologies serving today’s market. The long product market was predominately driven in the last years on high demand .. ..

January, 2015 Issue

Essar Steel’s core competency lies not just in the fact that it offers high quality flat steel products conforming to international standards for diverse industrial segments.. ..

December, 2014 Issue

Over the years SMS group has placed itself as the choicest partner in machinery and plant construction for steel and non-ferrous industry. Through its worldwide.. ..

November, 2014 Issue

When it comes to naming the best brands across the automotive, commercial and industrial sectors,there are one too many. But when it comes to naming the best brand on which.. ..

October, 2014 Issue

Special Spheroidal Graphitic (SG)Cast Iron roll was developed to meet the stringent mill requirement especially the service condition of Roughing Stand (RS).The pre requisite of.. ..

September, 2014 Issue

India’s target of producing 300 million tonnes of steel per annum by 2025 as per the Natio0nal Steel Policy is achievable and realistic but the path is beset with many .. ..

August, 2014 Issue

As the two day international conference Indian Steel Industry- Vision 2025 organised by Steel and Metallurgy kicks off on 21 August at the Gateway Hotel, Visakhapatnam,.. ..

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